925 Stamp On Jewelry

925 Stamp On Jewelry. What does a.925, 925 or ster stamp mean? These stamps stand for sterling silver.

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Meaning of the 925 stamp on jewelry the 925 stamp is not a marker of gold purity but is instead a common hallmark for sterling silver — specifically, jewelry that is 92.5% silver (as previously reported). 925 hallmark stamp jewelry design 1mm x 3mm steel punch with bend marking metal jewelry making 925 sterling silver chain0. Free shipping available on many items.

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925 Stamp On Jewelry. Branding is key to a successful jewelry line, but for those with no experience stamping, it can be difficult to understand how to design for a successful steel stamp. Wks tool 0.75mm 925 steel stamp sterling silver purity metal marking jewelry stamping tool (925 silver jewelry stamps) 4.5 out of 5 stars 302. To identify it as such, the number 925 is stamped upon the silver, often in a hidden part of the jewelry. The mark became a requirement in the united states in 1906.

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